Accounting services Start price RMB 350 /month
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Up to85%of the cost-Saving Professionalservice team
One-to-oneservice staff Freeconsultancy with local know-how

Small-scale VAT Taxpayer

The Inclusive Package of A&T services

1.Monthly taxation report for National and Local taxation bureau
2.Quarterly report of Enterprise Income Tax
3.Monthly voucher organization and bind together into book form
4.Compose monthly financial statement and relative analysis report
5.The Initial Invoice (Fapiao) Issuing Application and management
6.Liaison with local taxation bureau and inquiry-handling
7.Accounting and taxation consultancy services

85% off cost-saving? The comparison table between "managing your own" and rely on DDD agency services:
Maintain your own finance Grace registrable office
Upfront investment Initial investment related to finance, such as office equipment, finance software, stationary, consuming material, etc. We've been managing our finance team with well-equipped hardware and software
Staff Stability Instability of finance staff of SME company Stable and professional DDD finance team
Welfare cost Staff welfare cost, includes security, tax, housing funds, etc. We manage our staff, all you have to pay is just the smart amount of service fee
Service professional New accounting personnel often inexperienced, easy to a problem Professional team, can provide you reasonable planning books, effective, tax planning, reduce the tax burden
Employee wages Agency cost only five thousand yuan a year, less than a financial personnel two months 'salary Unable to provide
Audit services
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The inclusive of accounting service Flexible leasing rental (by month/quarter/year)